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We recognize that the times in which we live are uncertain and troubling. Yet, Jesus tells us “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” But when we look around, we observe a sea of pain and an ocean of suffering. So, how could Jesus say to us to not be troubled? Does He have an answer to comfort a troubled heart?

In truth, Jesus has provided the remedy for these days and tells us “Believe in God, believe also in me.” He calls us to believe in the One who was dead, but is now alive. Jesus has the power to change any circumstance and to work through anything that life has thrown our way. This is all true if the resurrection is true. The world tells us to “believe in yourself”; however, we find no real hope in this. On the contrary, Jesus tells us to stop believing in yourself and, instead, believe in Him. The resurrection of Jesus is true. This is real hope in a hopeless world.

You may have been a Christian for years or perhaps you are exploring who Jesus is. In all of this, I pray that the good news of Jesus gives you encouragement. Please let me know how Lake James Community Church can serve you in the days and weeks ahead!

Billy Bollinger– Senior Pastor


Lake James Community Church

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