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Spiritual Gift Assessment

Every Believer has at least one Spiritual gift that was given to them by the Holy Spirit at conversion. Want to know what your Spiritual gift is? Click on the link below and take your Spiritual gift assessment! Remember, choose the best answer for who you really are and not who you want to be. There are no wrong or right answers. The more honest you are about yourself, the more accurate the assessment is. So, are you ready? Click the link!

Pastor Billy

Click here For spiritual Gift assessment!

Disclaimer: All information given to Lake James Community church will be held in strict confidence. The Pastor and/or the Administrator will be able to view your assessment in our Spiritual Gift Assessment Database. By taking this survey, you are giving Lake James Community Church permission to view your results and including but not limited to, personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers. Lake James Community Church and its affiliates are not liable for any misuse of this survey assessment or the results. (In other words, don’t blame us if you don’t have the gift you wanted or the results are not what you expected). If you have any questions regarding your results, please see Pastor Billy to discuss your results. This assessment DOES NOT include ALL of the gifts mentioned in Scripture. Some of the gifts are combined into groupings while others are self evident in a believer. Remember, all Spiritual gifts are for the Exalting of the Savior, the Edifying of the Saint, and the Evangelizing of the Sinner.